Hi I'm Clive and I obsess over things
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the slash probably does something w/ the code and messes it up you should ask tumblr support

sent them an email just now. Now all there is to do is wait and see

anyone know how to get this stupid thing OUT of my tracked tags

no matter what i do it acts as if i didnt track it and if i try to track and then untrack it all it does is get rid of the original professor layton tag

i accidentally tracked it a year ago and now im really fed up with it


have you tried to explain to your friends and family that you have in fact received a rich education from the esteemed bird school, only to be met with scoffs, rebuttals, and general doubt? no more, for today you can provide the naysayers with concrete evidence of your breathtaking intellect. print out your bird school degree today and tell the world, “i went to bird school, which is for birds!”

(300 dpi 8 inch by 6 inch file available here.)


you’re telling me a chicken fried this rice?




i want to meet him

there he is

been itching to draw more neel lately

Roll for Jazz
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when u see the booty


please don’t